Genome and Exome Sequencing and Analysis for:
Individuals, Medical Applications, Scientific Investigation

Whole Genome and Exome Analysis for Individuals

Personal genome exploration for research, informational and educational purposes only

We believe you have a First Amendment right to information encoded in your genome – including your risk of developing common medical conditions and your likely response to drugs. However, the information provided in our non-clinical genome analysis is intended only for informational and educational purposes and research use, and should not be used for medical diagnosis, prognosis or treatment. Here’s how it works:

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Standard 50X service

Silver = Standard + BAYSIC™ calls

Gold = Silver + VarIANT™ interpretation & analysis

100X CLIA Exome +
Genformed® report

200X CLIA Exome +
Genformed® report

Medical Genome Analysis for Doctors and
other Health Care Providers

We provide sequencing, variant detection and annotation, a genomic health report, and an interpretation of variant health implications – useful in a variety of clinical applications, including Oncology and Genetic Testing. Here’s how it works:

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100X CLIA Lab

200X CLIA Lab

Trio Exomes
200X $14,999
100X $7599

Tumor - Normal Pairs
200X $12,599

Whole Genome and Exome Sequencing and Analysis for Research

Whole genome and exome sequencing, variant calling, variant annotation and custom Bioinformatics for Basic Biomedical Research:

30X-50X whole exome sequencing and standard analysis is competitively priced at $999 per sample. We can also provide deeper coverage, up to 200X whole genome coverage, and prices will scale accordingly.

We perform quick, accurate genome annotation and interpretation as well. We will provide a BAYSIC integrated variant call set (using at least Samtools, FreeBayes, and Atlas2 calls as input to BAYSIC) and BAYSIC vcf annotation for $99 per sample.

We will provide an interpretative exome analysis in light of relevant phenotypes, along with access to our VarIANT analysis tool, starting at $599 per sample.

Single Sample pricing below. For large projects involving multiple samples, please contact us for a quote

Standard Service $999 per Exome

Silver: Standard service plus BAYSIC Variant Calls $1099 per Exome.

Gold: Silver plus VarIANT interpretation and Analysis tool $1699

Whole Genome
50X $4,499
200X $25,599

For further information about genome or exome sequencing and analysis, please contact us at or call 512.565.4693.